The African Influenced Music Traditions of Cuba

The African Influenced Music Traditions of Cuba


Wednesdays 6-7pm

Saturdays 12-1pm

Feb. 14-April 4


Class: Afro-Cuban Percussion

Instructor: Pablo Soto Campoamor

Description: The African influenced cultural traditions of Cuba through percussion, songs, & rhythm.

Participants:  Beginning - Intermediate levels


Cuban folkloric music draws its foundation from various West and Central African traditions present on the island including: Arara (Dahomey), Lukumi (Yoruba), Palo Kongo (Congo), and others. They are fundamental to Afro-Cuban folkloric music.

Son of Cuban immigrants and raised in the cultural crossroads of Miami, Pablo Soto Campoamor teaches the basic components that make up a traditional drum and song ensemble in Cuba. Each lesson is enriched with information on history and the significance of these cultural expressions for Cubans on the island and abroad.

Students embrace the syncopated rhythms by learning to play the instruments that make up the ensemble, such as:

•    Clave

•    Chekere

•    Tumbadoras

•    Cencerro

•    Kata

•    & more

All instruments will be provided, and participants are free to bring their own with approval from the instructor. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their songs in performance at an event they co-create with the instructor.

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